our company was founded at the end of the 80’s, after seeing the need to create new forms of aquatic fun, cause in our community just existed the traditional slides and the giant ones. but one good day, talking to the owner of a small waterpark in our town, he commented “that he believes that the slides and pools were not enough anymore to maintain the boys entertained, that were needed games that really passionate the parks visitors and achieve to attract the abroad tourism”. and the rest was to begin to search for something very different and that’s how we decided to venture with great success, in the manufacturing of this games we denominate spiral.

in our beginnings we just had one model, but little by little and taking in count the comments of the users, we started to design some new versions, which will be described later.

Welcome To Our Company

our watergame spiral consists in a great circle with a concave shape on their sides and that has an orifice at the center which is the exit. even the spiral is the central part of the game, this are accompanied at their inicial part by closed slides and on its exit, by slides on different options.

How they work? How’s its tour?

all the tour starts in a big tower, generally made of steel and which reaches a landing, where the people starts the tour getting in a closed slide that descend until connecting in the spiral, start spinning around and around, with the speed they acquire from the exit slide slope and finally when the flight is over, they fall into the central orifice.

the exit from the spiral can be in multiple ways:

falling from the orifice directly to a pool

connecting to another slide, open or closed and keep sliding until loosing the speed in a braking canal

connecting to another slide and then fall into a lazy river taking you to a ride around the park

The slides sections both departure and arrival have variable lenghts and designs, according to the height of the start tower and obviously the likes of our customers. Also variations to get out of the spiral, are depending on the class of game you purchase.

In which color are they made?

The spiral is a game that can be made in any color and any combination or color combinations. The way it’s made is by means of huge pieces lookalike gigantic orange slices, so it is very easy to produce each piece in different colors and to build gourgeous games. Also, for being a very big game it’s visually imposing and it can be seen from any spot of the park or even from the outside, when you’re just on the access road to the place.

On how many sizes the spiral is manufactured?

The spiral as such is made in two sizes, small and large. But what contributes to variate its total dimensions, are the starting and arriving tours. Necessarily the complete size of the game has to be in proportion to the space gotten to build.

So that each proyect is designed specially for each park that hire us, making then, that each park counts with its own spiral.

How much an spiral costs?

The spiral is a game that’s worth every dollar you pay for it. Because it attracts a very high quantity of attendants and it’s very easy to recover the investment made. But a price with exact amounts can only be given based on your specific information, this is why we suggest you to contact us to start developing a project and give you all the information you need.

For what ages is the spiral?

This is a type of game catalogued on medium intensity, this is why it’s recommended for people from 1.20 mts of height and towards. Generally we deliver to all of our customers a manual that includes all the use guidelines for each game, but it’s each park responsibility to assure this rules are complied at the moment of using the games. So that as a manufacturing enterprise we suggest you to always have handy and in a visible place all the safety measures.

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